Septarian is a heavy-hitting metal band coming at you from the small town of Opelika, Alabama. They created a firestorm of shredding guitars, melodic keyboards, and driving double bass that sets the platform of a power vocalist. Much like that of Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow. Their style foreshadows a love for metal in a raw state with hints of Doom and Sepultura inspired riffs. This band is sure to bring a sense of power to the show.

Since the early 2000s, the members of Septarian have performed together in some capacity. In 2010 Josh Cunningham and Kenneth Galloway formed an Alabama favorite, Double Barrell Democracy. Later they added John Martin of Hematovore and Couch. The band became the monstrosity it is today with the addition of frontman Megan Hudson in 2017. Then finally Justin Long is the newest addition of 2021.

      Their history cultivated an arsenal that allowed them to open for acts such as Fear Factory, in Atlanta Georgia 2016. They performed festivals, including the 2016 Summer Slaughter tour with headliners Cannibal Corpse. Their most recent ventures had them opening for metal legends Raven in 2019. Then later shared the stage with Fallujah and Beyond Creation in 2019 at Furnace 41.

       At the beginning of 2020, the band released their demo album “Bludgeon the Offended”. The demo was mixed and mastered by James Uertz at Silvercord Studio. It is a technical piece that shows what these musicians have to offer. Each song is a perfect example of the flexibilities and unique qualities that the individual members add to the mix, keeping fans on their toes. The complete album is available for download and streaming across multiple platforms. It is also available in hard copy.

Currently, they are hard at work on a new music video to go along with their recently recorded single.


by Septarian | Bludgeon the Offended

The Maw

by Septarian | Bludgeon the Offended

No More Boundaries

by Septarian | Bludgeon the Offended