lead vocalist/lyricist

Megan Hudson

A member since October 2017, Megan brings a powerful vocal performance much like that of Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow. Though she is a self-taught artist, her determination has opened her range to astounding highs, lows, and everything between.

Lead Guitar/backing vocal

Joshua Cunningham

A founding member of the band, Josh Cunningham is a self-taught guitarist/vocalist with many years of live performance experience. His guitar tones bring to mind bands such as the mighty Napalm Death.


Kenneth Galloway

As a founding member, Kenneth has been a drummer since the band formed. Over the years his persistence with the band, both at practice and during any extra time he could find, has made him one of the best drummers the South has to offer. 

Bass/backing vocal

John Martin

Coming to the band with a background of classical training and years of touring and live performance experience, John’s bass brings a texture of sound like no other. He is the bassist they have been waiting for!


Justin Long

The newest addition to the family, Justin was a former member of The Sky Departs. He has been playing guitar at a professional level for many years and brings a fresh sound to the band’s mix.